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Our Story...


The Charter School is located in zip code 90301. However, a significant number of our students are drawn from zip code 90002. According to the 2017 City-Data.com., the median income was $30,413 as compared to $60,190 for the state and $52,239 for the county of Los Angeles. Blacks were 24.58%, and Latinos were 74.18% of the population. English is spoken in 36.04% of the homes and Spanish in 62.81%. The estimated unemployment rate is 14.4%. A large percentage of the students from the Watts area live in federal housing developments. Our student body is represented by a significant percentage of students from south Los Angeles County (with a special emphasis on the Watts area).

60% of students are bused from the communities of Watts, Compton and the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles. The remainder come from other areas of Los Angeles County.

During the 2018-2019 year the enrollment was 96 students, 45 females, and 51 males. 55% were African American, 39% were Latino, 6% other, 10% were English Language Learners, and 92% were eligible for free and reduced lunch.Thirteen percent (13%) were in foster care and kinder care, and DCFS extended families and 10% were in special needs. Less than 2% have a 504 however, GHSA has experienced a disproportionate number of students with social, emotional and trauma informed-cognitive behavioral health issues. 

Most of our students are impacted by generational poverty, defined as being in poverty for two generations or longer. Additionally, many of our students have been subjected to violence and psychological trauma. Their neighborhood elementary and middle schools are very low performing. When entering GHSA, 38% of students perform several years (2–4 years) below grade level in math and 36% are below grade level in reading as well as critical areas in English Language Arts.

During the next three school years the school’s enrollment will increase to a maximum of 160 students. The projected enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year is  a maximum of 120 students. Beginning in 2019-2020 school, the Ladera Education Institute’s (the non-profit organization operating Grace Hopper STEM Academy) residential program for 23 females in foster care will be operational. As a result, the population of foster youth in the school will likely be 25% to 30% of the school’s population.  

During the last two years, students attending GHSA have performed better than students remaining in their neighborhood schools in ELA. We continue to focus on the implementation of steps within the individual learning plan (ILP) that will build personal relationships with our students and families. These efforts have had very positive impacts on the academic, social, and emotional growth of students in our school community. Many of our students have been accepted in high performing public, private, parochial and magnet schools in the area and are doing well academically. 

This year is Grace Hopper's year to celebrate as our very first class of alumni who began with us in 2013, will graduate from high school and begin their first year as freshmen in college!