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Parents and the LCAP (Local Control and Accountability Plan)


1. Regular opportunities for parent/guardian input in the LCAP are embedded into our process of engaging stakeholders from which much of the information gained comes from the monthly  GHSA Parent Meetings and Trainings. 

2. During the school year parents are surveyed and will participate in discussions about our 4 LCAP goals and related actions to achieve the LCAP GHSA goals. 

Parent Coordinator/Liaison& Bilingual Parent Coordinator/Liaison

GHSA currently has a parent coordinator/Liaison who is committed to work side by side with GHSA for a maximum of 10 hours per week.

We are currently in need of bringing aboard a biligual coordinator/liaison for the school year. If you are interested in this position that provides 10 hours a week of service, please call Ms. Martinez in the Main Office at (310) 910-0230'

Parent Engagement at Home and at School

 The single greatest influence in student achievement is the parent.  Children whose parents are active in their child’s education are generally more successful and have fewer behavior problems.  Parents, who carefully check their child’s homework for completeness and correctness, are more knowledgeable in what their child is learning.  Grace Hopper urges all parents to take an active role in their child’s education.

You can see what your child is required to know to pass his/her grade level at http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/.

30 Parent Volunteer Hours

At GHSA our parents volunteer a minimum of 30 hours of service each year their child(ren) is/are enrolled in school. Parents may sign up to chaperone fundraisers and field-trips. Parents are also welcome to come into the school during the regular school day and assist teachers in their classrooms or office staff throughout the site. Every hour of service that is volunteered also translates into $10 if a parent chooses to donate money instead of being active with events and activities.

Parents may  donate school supplies & materials from the GHSA School Supply List or from the Teacher Wish List that is posted at all monthly parent meetings.Parents are asked to submit receipts or pics of receipts with each donation made to GHSA.

GHSA Dress Code

Parents, we will need your full support when it comes to ensuring that all of our students adhere to the GHSA dress code.

Dress Mondays: Students must wear white shirts/blouses, navy blue long pants or skirts (no shorts on Monday), a tie, black shoes with white, navy or black socks.

New items that were added to the Dress Code this year are:

1.  Girls and boys may choose the styles of tie they prefer among the long ties, skinny ties, criss-cross ties and /or the bow ties.

2. Students may wear varied types and colors of athletic shoes for PE only. PE shoes may not be worn with the regular uniform in any other class except PE/Fitness/Dance.

3.  Boys or girls may wear navy vest and blazers or suit coats on dress Mondays if they prefer.

Learning to use ALMA GHSA's Student Information System


ALMA is a K-12 school management system that brings together school, classroom and student information and tools in one system.



ALMA aims to simplify the lives of educators by providing easy-to-use features like classroom, curriculum, and lesson planing tools, as well as interfaces and dashboards tailored to different users. 

Once a parent has a logon for ALMA, they are able to see their child's attendance, the work issued to them by all of their teachers, the current grades earned in all classes and the academic progress of their child.